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Clubhouse offers people living with mental illness opportunities for friendship, employment. education, and access to needed services in a caring and safe environment.  


Transitional Employment

  • TE’s are part time jobs developed by the club in collaboration with local employers that members can rotate through, typically at 6-month intervals.

  • Club staff (placement managers) learn the job, train and serve as job coaches for members until the member, employer, and placement manager concur that the member- employee is ready to work alone. Placement managers remain available to provide work site support at any time and for as long as needed.

  • “Zero Absenteeism Guarantee”. Club placement managers will complete any shift that is not worked by the member. This service is provided at no cost to the employer. They are guaranteed shift coverage for free.

Supported Employment

  • Available to members who are currently employed or interested in becoming employed outside of a TE position.

  • Supports available for job search, interview practice, resume' development, job retention, advocacy, and vocational growth.

  • Clubhouse maintains a relationship with the member and their current or potential employer to the degree needed/desired by the member. 



  • Some members may not need support for employment or are already successfully employed in the community. 

  • Employment support is always available to any member at any time regardless of employment status.

Are You Interested in Becoming an Employer?

If you are interested in employing Petoskey Club members through our Transitional Employment program, please Contact us. Our staff, working one-on-one with our members, guarantees that the job will be done satisfactorily every day.

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The Clubhouse also supports members with attaining other jobs in the community by helping with job searches, resume development, interviewing skills, determining schedules, transportation, social security benefits management, and job coaching at the work site if/when desired by members. The Clubhouse also assists members in returning to school, ranging from high school completion, tutoring, or college coursework.

Emphasis on Employment

Members are encouraged to consider the pursuit of integrated community employment. By co-working during the work-ordered day there are opportunities to  understand the challenges members may have about going to work. The Clubhouse accepts members where they are and we provide any supports needed for members to enter the workforce.

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